Utopia: that mythical future we all aspire to in which life is easier and more dignified, fairer and more enjoyable; a place where human rights may be enjoyed by everyone regardless of economic circumstance; a world without wars; without violence. By some it has been called the Universal Human Nation1. But what will it look like in practical terms? Because although we can imagine what it may feel like to be in such a place, we have to paint a picture of it so that we can start to see it, because without a clear picture in our minds, our bodies will never be able to move in that direction.

In our seminar we will focus on three important aspects: Women – namely the #MeToo movement and women’s rights around the world: Weapons – namely nuclear weapons and how to get rid of them so eliminate one of the greatest threats to humanity’s survival, and: wealth – namely the concept of the Universal Basic Income which will be a necessary economic measure if we are to avoid a violent dystopian future.

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